Historical background about  Dura refinery


Dura refinery is one of the oldest big refineries in Iraq. It represents the real start in raising the modern petroleum industry in this rich of oil country. It had been started constructing this refinery in 1953 through the contribution of immense international companies.

( Foster Wheeler - M.W.Kellogg - Exxon Research Engineering )

It had been designed as a transformational refinery to get maximum advantage of crude oil to support the growing economy of the country. It consisted many units ranged from simple filtration units to thermal cracking units and complex oil production units. Refinery started working in 1955 and it continued to develop and grow till that time....

Produced products

Cars gasoline, light oil planes fuel, gas oil, diesel oil, fuel oil (black oil), oils, wax, greases, asphalt and other various materials.

Targeted groups in the process of training and developing

Training department in midland refineries company regulate planning for training needs ( training, stimulation, upgrading….. etc) to ensure professional rout development for each group through using modern styles in building and developing human abilities in the respect of globalization, technology and human performance changes….. etc, depending on choosing efficiencies in training. They are targeting: Senior administration leaderships Bodies departments managers and units working administrative and technical fields Managers of sections boards and units working in technical and administrative fields. All workers in the company for many levels including exercising new employees and training. During work or renewing information to acquire employees new skills in the field of their specialization or retrain them to fill higher jobs.


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