MoO History

The Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC), prior to the Ottoman Empire defeat in the war, named the Turkish Petroleum Company (TPC) which was formed with the purpose of acquiring concessions from the Ottoman Empire to explore for oil in Iraq . IPC started crude production from baba gurgur fields in 1926. It was empowered to operate all aspects of the oil industry in Iraq till 1961.
In 1961 Iraq passed Public Law 80 whereby Iraq expropriated 95% of the Iraq Petroleum Company's concessions and went on to announce the intent to form the INOC in 1964. In 1967 and 1968 INOC purview was expanded to include areas expropriated from the Iraq Petroleum Company. In June 1972 IPC operations were taken over by the Iraq National Oil Company ( INOC ) after they were nationalized .
In 1972 nationalization was complete. In its first years of sole control INOC managers succeeded in raising production in Iraq from 1.4 million barrels per day to over 3 million barrels per day in 1980.
In 1987 INOC was emerged with MoO which was founded at the same year and became the direct operator for the petroleum industry in Iraq.
Four years ago , MoO opened licensing rounds in an attempt to redevelop its domestic oil and gas industry following years of war and sanctions.
To achieve this goal, Training and Development Directorate set fruitful training and development plan to raise MoO employees performances and build well-skilled staff that capable of dealing with new studies & latest methods of global oil industry technologies and E-learning is one of Training and Development Directorate pioneer projects in this field.

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