important news :

Mr.Ali.M.Al – Behadili (the Director General of Training and Development Directorate) has visited kirkuk Oil Training Institute . A meeting was held between the director general and the advance stuff of the oil institute. Mr.Ali M.Al – Behadili has start to talk about the nice welcome and greetings from Kirkuk stuff. The stuff start to talk about some recommendations that can help to develop the institute in the future. Mr.Ali M.Al – Behadili added that the great efforts of the institute members are clear to all. Moreover, the current possibilities of the institute are good and enough to be competitive with other institute. He mentioned that he will keep supporting and following up the oil institute. Mr.Ali M.Al – Behadili has met with both the training stuff and teaching stuff during the tour with Mr.Hassan Maroff with Basrah institute manger and visited labs and workshops inside the institute. Mr.Ali M.Al – Behadili expressed his interest with the drilling workshop which contain advanced methods of learnings and training for employees. Finally, the oil institute employees have thanked the efforts for developing and training the stuff and students in their institute. These efforts will contribute to achieve the main targets of the oil sector


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